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Lauren Live: Your Relationship Questions–ANSWERED!

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Dear Dr. Lauren,  

                                                                                                                                                                         My son won’t ask me for anything–except some cash! He doesn’t value my opinion, my company, or even my love.  How can I gain his respect and appreciation?

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Lauren Roth, MSW, LSW, is a graduate of Princeton University, and an inspirational speaker across North America and on the high seas. Mrs. Roth and her husband, Rabbi Dr. Daniel Roth, are the parents of six children.

2 Responses to “Lauren Live: Your Relationship Questions–ANSWERED!”

  1. Rochelr

    Firstly, I’m so amazed at how clearly you explain and give direction on so many issues! this past shabbos i was at a kiddush and someone mentioned you were moving to the neighborhood. With all the nosh on the table, I kept wondering how u handle nosh with your kids. Baruch HaShem im blessed with 2 kids , the oldest is a 14 year old girl who gives me such a hard time when I use organic ingredients. She is in 9th grade which is full of adjustments and a lot of school work, etc. and every time I go out the door for anything, she reminds me to buy her lots of candy to help her study. And I’m told repeatedly I’m a horrible mother because I don’t have”normal” food in the house. ( btw-in there’s tons of sugary junky food, a full fledge health food person would cringe, I even do). I just put my foot down and refuse to buy bags of taffy and the like. How do u feed your kids healthy?

  2. Sonia Novoa

    Thank you Mrs. Roth for speaking from a caring perspective and reminding us to treat our children like the loving beings that they are and not as things to be cared for. This is a good reminder.

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