Establishing the Truth with Witnesses

    By: Rabbi Moshe Rockove - 21 August 2015 - 0 Comments

    Of all the resources available to the prosecution in a court case, live witnesses provide the best evidence.  When someone stands up in court and, under cross-examination, states that he personally saw a crime taking place, it makes for compelling…

    Trust – Parshas Shoftim

    By: Rabbi Shlomo Landau - 29 August 2014 - 0 Comments

    Join Rabbi Shlomo Landau as he inspires us to trust in G-d wholeheartedly.

    His Royal Lowness – Parshas Shoftim

    By: Rabbi Yitzchok Oratz - 26 August 2014 - 1 Comment

    “Let them eat cake!” Popularly attributed to Marie Antoinette, this quote has entered our lexicon as an expression of the callousness and obliviousness of the royalty and upper class to those less fortunate. Although the attribution to Marie Antoinette is…

    Right or Right? Parshas Shoftim

    By: Rabbi Mayer Erps - 07 August 2013 - 0 Comments

    I recall looking forward to Wednesdays when I was a child, for on Wednesdays my parents would purchase one of the Jewish weekly periodicals. What I looked forward to was not the political articles or other newsworthy items it featured,…

    Our Brother’s Keeper- Parshas Shoftim

    By: Rabbi Yitzchok Oratz - 20 August 2012 - 0 Comments

    A corpse. A corpse on Union Street, New Orleans. It is seven years later and I still cannot get the vision out of my mind. In the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the New York Times ran a story* about…

    The Rules of War – Parshas Shoftim

    By: Rabbi Moshe Rockove - 20 August 2012 - 0 Comments

    “War is a necessary evil,” the saying goes. Rational people don’t seek to engage in war and go to battle only as a last resort. The Torah, in laying the foundation of Jewish jurisprudence, details the rules of war in…

    The Key to Successful Mountain Climbing Parshas Shoftim

    By: Rabbi Dovid Gross - 30 August 2011 - 0 Comments

    “To avoid danger of falling, keep climbing!” In this week’s Torah portion, Shoftim, Moshe commands the Jewish people: “You shall not erect for yourselves a monument (matzeivah) which Hashem, your G-d , hates.” In the biblical lexicon, a monument is…