Crunch Time – Parshas Vayeishev

    By: Rabbi Dovid Gross - 08 December 2017 - Comments Off on Crunch Time – Parshas Vayeishev

    In a short few moments, Rabbi Dovid Gross speaks words of depth and inspiration for the spirit of every Jewish soul. Click here to listen

    Got Friends? – Parshas Vayeishev

    By: Rabbi Dovid Gross - 03 December 2015 - 0 Comments

    Got Friends? Stop for a moment to consider who you count among your closest friends. In case you’re having difficulty formulating that list, perhaps an insight from this week’s Torah portion, Vayeishev, may be of assistance. Chapter 28 of Genesis…

    People of the Spirit

    By: Rabbi Shlomo Landau - 11 December 2014 - 0 Comments

    I have to admit the truth: this past Sunday afternoon I was confused! Let me explain. On Sunday, I took my son to shop for clothes at the massive Palisades Mall in New York. I rarely go to malls, but…

    Gossip Destroys- Parshas Vayeshev

    By: Rabbi Moshe Rockove - 06 December 2012 - 0 Comments

    Nothing excites people like a good piece of gossip. It sounds like a harmless piece of news that just floats into our ears over the phone or dances in front of our eyes as it comes in by email. Yet, …

    “It Doesn’t Make Scents!”- Parshas Vayeshev

    By: Rabbi Mayer Erps - 04 December 2012 - 0 Comments

    We’ve all seen, either first-hand or via the media, the terrible destruction that Hurricane Sandy wrought. Imagine an individual who decides to volunteer and help those whose homes experienced great damage. He visits one such homeowner who is assessing the…